A Birder's Guide to Belize

 Additional birding sites in Belize

For economic reasons a number of good, albeit secondary,  birding sites were omitted or shortened in the abridged version of "A Birder's Guide to Belize."  Here are the extracted sites.

 From Chapter 2 - Northern Highway
    Four Mile Lagoon
    Santa Rita Maya Site
    Caribbean Village Campground and RV Park
    Victor's Inn & Foodery
    Honey Camp Lagoon
    Freshwater Creek Forest Reserve
    Shipyard Road
    Community Baboon Sanctuary
    Spanish Creek and Rancho Dolores

 From Chapter 3 - Western Highway
    Big Falls Farm and Cox Lagoon
    Amigo's restaurant and citrus groves
    Barton Creek and Caesar's Place
    Doyle's Delight

From Chapter 5 - Southern Highway
    Commerce Bight Forest Reserve and Croc O'dile Isle
    Victoria Peak
    San Jose and Jimmy Cut to Columbia River Forest Reserve
    Sarstoon-Temash National Park

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