A Birder's Guide to Belize

Spanish Creek & Rancho Dolores
An alternate route to Hill Bank Field Station

Description: In addition to the three routes to Hill Bank, there is a fourth route via Burrell Boom.  For the truly adventurous and also for the shortest route from Belize City a poor road connects from Burrell Boom to Hill Bank via Rancho Dolores.  Follow the directions in the section for Community Baboon Sanctuary from Burrell Boom to Double-headed Cabbage.  Then continue westward ~6 miles to Spanish Creek and then Rancho Dolores at  N 17 32.28’ W 88 38.28'.  Continue west another 4 miles.  To get around the New River floodplain the road turns south for 3 miles, then west again for almost 4 miles.  Here the road forks, so turn right and head north for almost 7 miles and then almost 3 miles northeast to Hill Bank Field Station.

This is also a good birding route with about 150 species reported, particularly in and near the village of Spanish Creek.  Regular sightings include Great Tinamou, Crested Guan, Agami Heron, Sungrebe, Brown-hooded Parrot, Yellow-headed Parrot, Striped Cuckoo, and, once, Black-and-white Hawk-Eagle.

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