Day 50 - Monday, May 20 - Milepost 5542 - Birdcount 230 - Homer Spit, Alaska

(SF's Journal). ...At Soldotna we stop at a Fred Meyer store, an upscale super Walmart. This was a treat in the wilderness and we stocked up on groceries and purchased our fishing licenses. Homer is our destination and we stopped at Lands End, an RV park right at the end of the spit. The spit is a natural jetty sticking out into the ocean and improved upon by the city to attract boaters, fishermen and tourists. I think we will stay awhile here. Again we have a million dollar view, mountains out our left front window, ocean, Sea Otters, gulls and boats on the water out our front and right, and then again mountains. Plus fishing and shopping just a stone’s throw away.

(BF's Journal). ...Shortly before noon we drive the final 120 miles to Homer, the last town on the Kenai Peninsula and Homer Spit, a 4.5 mile isthmus jutting from the mainland into Kachemak Bay. We drive to the very end, appropriately called Land’s End, and park in an RV site within a few feet of the Pacific ocean. Our view is of a calm bay teeming with seabirds (Murres, Kittiwakes, Arctic Terns), a few dozen playful Sea Otters that swim on their backs while eating and grooming, and across the bay we see snow covered mountains from another peninsula. The view is so picturesque, its hard to believe its real. We had milestones along the way - entering Canada, starting on the Alaska Highway, arriving in Alaska - but, for me, the real goal was to get to Homer Spit. Well, we are finally here after 5500 miles and 50 days!

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