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(Bert) Throughout our Texas to Alaska adventure we kept track of various sightings, expenses and details. Here are a few of them:



Top 3 expense categories:

Wildlife sightings (no. of species):

Life Birds:

Of the 322 birds species, I saw 175 in Alaska. My total species for the year thus far is 479. As you can tell from the list of 17 birds I added to my life list, most of the new sightings are in Alaska:


One of the best benefits of visiting Alaska is seeing the many mammals that live there. Here is a list of what I saw on this trip:

Arctic Ground Squirrel

throughout YT & AK

Barren Ground Caribou

5 sightings in AK


9 sightings UT thru AK


Zion NP, UT

Black-tailed (Mule) Deer

Lassen Volcanic NP, CA

Black Bear

4 sightings in YT & BC

Blacktail Prairie Dog

2 sightings in TX & MT

Boreal Redback Vole

Lesser Slave Lake, AB

California Ground Squirrel

Grant's Pass, OR


Lassen Volcanic NP, CA

Cliff Chipmunk

2 sightings in AZ & UT

Columbian Ground Squirrel

Glacier NP, MT


3 sightings in AZ, MT, AB

Dall Porpoise

Inner Passage, AK

Deer Mouse

Grand Canyon NP, AZ

Desert Cottontail

4 locations in NM, NV, UT

Eastern Cottontail

2 sightings in TX

Fox Squirrel

Ray Roberts Lake, TX

Golden-mantled Squirrel

5 sightings in AZ, UT, MT, CA

Gray Whale

Newport, OR

Grizzly Bear

many in Denali & Hyder, AK

Harbor Porpoise

Homer Spit & Seward, AK

Harbor Seal

many in Alaska coastal waters

Hoary Marmot

8 sightings in AK, YT, BC

Humpback Whale

many in Inner Passage, AK

Killer Whale (Orca)

Homer Spit & Kenai Fjords, AK

Least Chipmunk

2 sightings in AB & BC

Longtail Vole

Salmon Glacier, BC


dozens of sightings in AK, BC, YT

Mountain Goat

3 sightings in AK

Mule Deer

common in AZ,NV,UT,MT,AB,BC


3 sightings in UT & AK


Denali NP, AK


Denali NP & Seldovia, AK


Spencer, ID & Helena, MT

Red Fox

4 sightings in UT, YT, AK

Red Squirrel

dozens of sightings in AB, BC, AK

Richardson Ground Squirrel

Helena to Glacier NP, MT

River Otter

Seldovia, AK & Mossy Ck, OR

Rock Squirrel

Grand Canyon NP, AZ

Sea Otter

common in AK coastal waters

Snowshoe Hare

common in AB, BC, YT, AK

Stellar Sea Lion

4 sightings in Inner Passage, AK

Striped Skunk

4 sightings in northern UT

Timber Wolf

Fort Nelson, BC

Tundra Redback Vole

Johnson Lake & Glenallen, AK

Uinta Chipmunk

Bryce Canyon NP, UT

Uinta Ground Squirrel

Bryce Canyon NP, UT

Western Gray Squirrel

Redding, CA

White-tail Antelope Squirrel

4 locations in NV, AZ, CA

White-tailed Deer

Lesser Slave Lake, AB

White-tailed Prairie Dog

Bryce Canyon NP, UT

White Sheep (Dall Sheep)

Denali NP, AK

White Sheep (Stone Sheep)

3 sightings in BC & YT

Woodland Caribou

Summit Lake, BC

Yellow Pine Chipmunk

4 locations in MT, BC, CA

Yellowbelly Marmot

2 sightings in UT & ID

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