Costa Rica 2006


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This trip is not like our others.  We didn't take our RV; we flew.  It wasn't to see the birds, but we did.  We didn't lead the trip, which was nice for a change. 

Here's the group photo I promised.  Since people wandered in and out of the photo session, I've included two different photos.  Also, I've included two sizes of each.  If you intend to print the photos and you have fast download capabilities, choose the high resolution versions.  Otherwise, try the smaller ones.

To look at the photo, just click on the photo description. 

To download a photo, put your cursor over the photo description, right click your mouse, and choose "save target as".

Photo 1 (148K, fast download)

Photo 2 (155K, fast download)

Photo 1 (high resolution, 4MB, slow download)

Photo 2 (high resolution, 1.7MB, slow download)

I'm going to add my photos of birds and other animals as soon as I get some spare time.  Here are a few now:

Green & Black Poison Dart Frog

Spectacled Caiman

Clay-colored Robin (the national bird of Costa Rica)

Double-toothed Kite

Great Curassow

Mantled Howler (aberrant yellow-orange)

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