CoPoCimprich.JPG (47690 bytes) Common Poorwill, Bell County, TX - 25 November 2002

Photo by Charles Pekins, courtesey of David Cimprich, who wrote, "On 25 November, a soldier brought a "baby hawk" to the Natural Resources office on Fort Hood. This was a cold, damp, windy day. The bird was brought over to my office for identification. It was a after hatch-year (definitive basic plumage) Common Poorwill. It was somewhat emaciated and, at first, it was very lethargic but it slowly became more active. I thought that it had probably been in a state of torpor when found and was now coming out of it. Unfortunately, the soldier who brought it in left before the bird was brought to me and so I was unable to learn where precisely it had been found, except that it was somewhere on Fort Hood. A few things that the soldier had said along with the type of box the bird had been brought in made it seem likely that it had been found around one of the motor pools which would be the Bell County side of the fort."