A Birder's Guide to Belize

Changes in Belize bird list during 2014

As of March 30, 2015, the unofficial Belize bird list stands at 597 species.

1.  One to two species were added to the list since May 2013, Eastern Phoebe and probably Greater Scaup (see notes).

2.  The species of Clapper Rail was changed from logirostris to crepitans.  Thus the subspecies in Belize is now Rallus crepitans belizensis.

3.  The genus of Olive-throated Parrot has been changed from Aratinga to Eupsittula.  Thus the parrot is now Aratinga nana.

4.  The genus and species of Thick-billed Seed-Finch was changed from Oryzoborus funereus to Sporophila funerea. 

5.  The species of Variable Seedeater was changed from americana to covina.  Thus the seedeater is now Sporophila covina.

6.  The genus of Slate-colored Seedeater has changed from Oryzoborus to Sporophila.  Thus the seedeater is now Sporophila schistacea.

7.  The genus of Yellow-winged Cacique was changed from Cacicus to Cassiculus.  Thus the cacique is now Cassiculus melanicterus.

8.  The hyphen was removed from Black-Hawk; thus the two species in Belize are now Common Black Hawk and Great Black Hawk.

9.  Common Bush-Tanager was renamed Common Chlorospingus; the genus and species remain the same.

10.  The sequence of a portion of Columbidae (doves) has been altered from White-winged Dove to Ruddy Quail-Dove.  The new sequence is: Inca Dove, Common Ground-Dove, Plain-breasted Ground-Dove, Blue Ground-Dove, Ruddy Quail-Dove, White-tipped Dove, Caribbean Dove, Gray-chested Dove, Gray-headed Dove, White-winged Dove, Mourning Dove.

11.  The sequence of saltators has changed.  The new sequence is Black-headed Saltator, Buff-throated Saltator, Grayish Saltator.

12.  The sequence of a portion of Emberizidae relating to seedeaters has changed.  The new sequence, following Blue-black Grassquit is: Thick-billed Seed-Finch, Variable Seedeater, White-collared Seedeater, Slate-colored Seedeater, Yellow-faced Grassquit.

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