A Birder's Guide to Belize

Changes in Belize bird list during 2013

As of December 5, 2013, the unofficial Belize bird list stands at 595 species.

1.  Four species were added to the list: White-faced Ibis, Connecticut Warbler, Lazuli Bunting, and Bullock's Oriole (see notes).

2.  Sequence change: Order Recurvirostridae of stilts & avocets was moved before Order Charadriidae of plovers and Order Haematopodidae of oystercatchers.

3.  Within Order Scolopacidae of sandpipers, the sequence of genus Calidris (Red Knot through Western Sandpiper) was changed.

4.  The genus of Buff-breasted Sandpiper was changed from Tryngites to Calidris.

5.  Sequence change: Order Stercorariidae of skuas & jaegers was moved before Order Laridae of gulls & terns.

6.  Violet-crowned Woodnymph was renamed Crowned Woodnymph; the genus and species remains the same.

7.  Western Slaty-Antshrike was renamed Black-crowned Antshrike; the genus and species remains the same.

8.  Thrush-like Schiffornis was renamed Northern Schiffornis and its species name changed from turdina to veraepacis.

9.  The sequence of White-collared Manakin and Red-capped Manakin was reversed.

10.  The genus of Red-capped Manakin was changed from Pipra to Ceratopipra.

11.  Within Order Troglodytidae of wrens, the sequence changed from Spot-breasted Wren through Band-backed Wren.

12.  The sequence of Gray Catbird and Black Catbird was reversed.

13.  The species name for Common Bush-Tanager changed from ophthalmicus to flavopectus.

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