Epilogue - San Antonio, Texas

(Bert)  We pull into the Corpus Christi Freightliner dealership and ask them to quote the cost of replacing our radiator. The mechanic crawls under R-Tent-III and says, “Do you know you have a wet spot on the radiator." As he inspects further, the wet spot becomes a drip and a tiny puddle forms on the pavement. An hour later an insurance adjuster arrives, examines the damage, views my photographs of the work done in Mexico including the damaged fan and after some paperwork he writes us a check to reimburse us for the fan and replace the radiator, including overnight freight from Nashville. The mechanic also recharges the A/C and tightens up the clamps that created the whistling noise we heard the last few days of our Mexico travel. The bill comes to $3683.83 and we now have a healthy R-Tent-III.

Meanwhile, we still aren’t sure what makes the clanking noise in our SUV when we shift into reverse. The RV dealership misdiagnoses the problem and we later resolve it is a broken universal joint. Gingerly we tow the SUV to San Antonio and while I attend the Texas Ornithological Society meeting, the Nissan dealership replaces the U-joint. Now we are in good shape to head north to Manitoba for our next caravan.

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