Bert & Shari Frenz, 2003 All rights reserved.

March 28 - Pharr, Texas

(Bert) After a day to finish up caravan paperwork, change pesos to dollars and stock up on groceries, we headed north. About 200 miles north of the border, just short of Corpus Christi, we got a cell phone call from the caravan office. "Would we be willing to turn around and head back to Mexico," they asked. Another caravan was "stranded" in Mexico at San Miguel de Allende, with their Wagonmaster in the hospital and having surgery for colon cancer. Given our logistical problems, at first we said we couldn't do it, but upon reflection we decided to help out. We turned R-TENT around and headed back to the border. That evening we changed dollars to pesos and we again got a vehicle permit, a nearly 1.5 hour process requiring several supervisors since apparently the return of our old permit had not yet been entered into the Mexican computer system. Good thing we kept a return receipt!

Early the next morning we put the RV into storage and drove our car across the border, tracing much of our same route bypassing Monterrey, skirting the eastern edge of the Sierra Madre Oriental and then plunging through the mountains to San Roberto. This time the mountains were bright green with new leaves, a very pretty sight indeed. We continued on south and reached San Miguel that same day, some 560 miles from our start. We met the caravan and traveled with them to Guanajuato, Zacatecas and Saltillo, before crossing into the U.S. again a week later.

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