October 10 Breckenridge, CO

(Bert) Since I last wrote we have been enjoying fall colors and periodic flurries of light snow on the ski slopes of Colorado.  We will leave tomorrow for Branson, Mo.

First, a few mileage statistics about our trip. From Texas to Alaska, through Canada, and to Colorado we drove 15,102 mi. by RV, of which almost 3,000 mi. were on gravel roads. In addition, we traveled by ship almost 2,000 mi. and we flew about 4,000 mi. to St. Paul Island, Nome, Dutch Harbor, and back to Anchorage.

During our Alaska and Canada trip, I took tens of thousands of photos and narrowed the good ones down to 6,424 (20GB). Then from those I gleaned the best and most representative of the trip and put them up in photo galleries on my web site.

My favorite photo is of the spread-winged Long-tailed Jaeger attacking the tiny Rock Ptarmigan chick at Toolik Lake (Chapter 12: July 3)camera.GIF (1399 bytes). In second place, Id put my photos of a Kodiak Bear reflected in the stream at Hallo Bay, Katmai National Park (Chapter 13: July 17)camera.GIF (1399 bytes). I also like the series of photos of the Boreal Owl chicks at Elliott Highway (Chapter 12: June 29)camera.GIF (1399 bytes). For wildflower lovers, I have one photo gallery devoted to 297 flower photoscamera.GIF (1399 bytes).

I completely redesigned my web site, giving it a more modern appeal and replacing what I originally designed back in 1998. With the new design, it is always best to start at the main index web page and not jump to a particular internal web page.

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