Appendix B.  Birds

Exceeding my expectations and the goals I announced at our rendezvous meeting on Day 1, we found 259 bird species on this trip, including 160 in Canada and 222 in Alaska. Personally, I was delighted to identify 238 on the list and especially to have photographed 165 species. Barbara had a most impressive list of 138 species seen, all of them lifers since she just started her list on this trip. Even more remarkable is that Iím quite sure Barbara can identify almost all of those on her own because she studied the field guide books and has an uncanny recall, unlike many beginning birders.

I added 19 to my life list, plus 6 Eurasian species added to my AOU list. All of the additions came from our side trips to Gambell, Nome and Barrow, except Short-tailed Shearwater which we saw in Kachemak Bay while halibut fishing.

Species List

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